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Photography Workshop with Elizabeth Zeschin

This introductory Close Up Garden Photography course is designed for the beginner to the intermediate photographer.

Upcoming Events:

8th & 9th July 2017

Parham Garden Weekend

3rd September 2017

Open Air Theatre

23rd & 24th September 2017

Parham Harvest Fair

28th & 29th October 2017

Parham Halloween Family Fun

3rd & 4th August 2017

This two-day Close Up Flower Photography Course is based in the sumptuous four-acre Walled Garden of Parham House. Involving both classroom and practical work in the garden, it is designed for both amateur photographers and gardeners.

Elizabeth will discuss the essentials of Depth of Field and Shutter Speed and how they affect your composition. She will also help you to understand the variables in Daylight and how they influence the creation of your photographs.

You will be encouraged to define your own personal style, learning the technical and practical tools to create professional close up Floral Portraits both in the Garden and in The Studio. Demonstrations and individual assignments will provide an aid to this end.

Day One

Students will explore and discuss different aesthetic possibilities in the area of macro flower photography. We will discuss macro lenses, the use of a tripod, cable release and understanding depth of field as a means to express artistic intent. Elizabeth will also concentrate upon the basic technical aspects of exposure and utilising daylight and reflectors to best advantage. In the afternoon we will photograph in the gardens at Parham. We will also set up a small greenhouse studio and explore close up flower portraits in small groups.

Day Two

Students will meet after dawn to make their own images in gardens and the greenhouse at Parham. They will be encouraged to apply the technical precepts discussed earlier in order to create and develop their own different photographic vision. The challenges of floral location photography will be identified and students will learn different approaches involved in solving them.

In the afternoon Students will return to the classroom to download and edit their work. Methods of displaying and preserving work will be addressed. Discussion and critiques will follow.

Specific Information including Course Timetable and Fees can be found here or email

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