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The Gardens

Walled Gardens

The spectacular gardens consist of beautiful Pleasure Grounds and a four-acre Walled Garden. It is certain that the Garden pre-dates the House – it is thought the land was first cultivated as far back as the 14th century by its owners, monks from the monastery of Westminster. The site’s open aspect, sheltered by the South Downs, would no doubt have made it an appealing location with a productive fruit and vegetable garden.

Today you can discover four distinct areas, celebrating the best traditions of English walled gardens. There are stunning herbaceous borders, a glasshouse, vegetable garden, orchard and a  1920s Wendy House. The garden is now run on organic principles, producing its own compost and is able to be self-sufficient, providing enough mulch and rich compost for the entire site.

Parham Gardens in full bloom
Wildlife Grass at Parham House
Amazing Gardens at Parham House in Sussex UK

“My favourite aspect of
the gardens here is their authentic relationship
with the wider estate
and house.”

Tom Brown, Head Gardener

Blue & Gold Borders

These spectacular borders run along a central east-west axis and are indeed the jewels in the crown of the Walled Garden.
The Blue Borders to the west and Gold Borders to the east are planted generously and have an air of Edwardian opulence.

Cut Flower Borders

When the Pearsons decided to open the House to visitors in 1948, Mrs Pearson resolved that there would always be bowls of fresh flowers in every room. This tradition is still maintained by Lady Emma Barnard, and visitors’ comments show just how much this is still appreciated today.

Entrance Border

Watchful Istrian stone lions and the giant leaves of Kiwi fruit frame the wrought iron gates as you enter the Walled Garden.

Exotic Garden

This bold, bright garden was planted in 2011 by head gardener Tom Brown. The garden was sited carefully so as not to disturb the rest of the Garden’s English-style romantic planting.


The single glasshouse is actually the sole remaining section of a larger E-shaped set of glasshouses.

The cascades and scent of Fuschias, Pelargoniums, Plectranthus, Begonias and Heliotrope fill it until it is fit to burst!

Herb Garden

The self-contained Herb Garden is unique within the walls of the garden as a secluded and tranquil enclave, surrounded by its own tall and imposing Yew hedges.

Best gardens to visit in Sussex UK
Flower blossoming in Parham Gardens
Parham Gardens Produce
The beautiful gardens at Parham House in Sussex UK

Memory Walls

Directly to the north of the garden’s centre are the Memory Walls, low
stone walls built in 1965 by Veronica Tritton in memory of her father Clive Pearson.

The North Border

The north-east and north-west borders at the top of the Walled Garden retain Parham’s tapestry style of planting, but with a different range of beautiful plants. In the north-east, an influence of prairie-style planting is revealed in large but gentle grasses. The northwest boasts a riot of sizzling colours in a new Hot Border.


As you enter the Walled Garden, the Orchard is immediately on the left.
The fruit trees include damson, plum, greengage, pear and quince.

Pumps & Ponds

Throughout the garden, decorative pumps and shallow brick wells can be found – although the pumps were added purely for their ornate aesthetic appeal, the wells were built for a more practical purpose, helping gardeners tend to thirsty plants.

Rose Garden

The Rose Garden has been re-designed and planted in 2013. Stone paths lead round in gentle curving lines, as soft palettes of blues, creams and pinks glow softly.

Wendy House

Built by Clive Pearson in 1928 for his three daughters, this is a perfectly detailed child-sized two-storey cottage built into the garden wall, with a little oak front door and wrought iron balcony above.

Vegetable Garden

Enclosed by deep green clipped box hedges, these beds have at times been used for cut flowers alone but now are more productive, providing vegetables for the family and the Big Kitchen restaurant.

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Walking the gardens at Parham House

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The Longroom in Parham House Sussex

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