The many rare and precious collections of paintings, furniture, needlework and antiquities were collected over a period of 60 years by Mr and Mrs Pearson, and subsequently their daughter, Veronica Tritton. Their guiding principle, aside from acquiring some of the original furniture and effects, was to add to the house in a sympathetic, sensitive and inspiring manner.

Examples of what you can expect to view as you move through the house are shown below.


• 16th and 17th century portraits including Edward V1, The Earls of Essex and Leicester, James I and Anne of Denmark
• Equestrian portrait of Henry, Prince of Wales by Robert Peake
• Early 17th century portraits by Larkin and Mytens
• Late 17th century portraits including a fine double portrait of Sir Ralph and Lady Assheton by Lely
• Portraits of Charles II, his queen Catherine of Braganza and two of his mistresses
• Portrait of the Tahitian chief Omiah by Northcote
• 18th century views of London by William James
• 18th century portraits and equestrian paintings

Needlework and Tapestry

Needlework & tapestry

• 16th century Flemish tapestry
• Rare late-16th century Italian wool hangings
• Early gros-point needlework carpet
• 16th and 17th century needlework pictures
• Hungarian point needlework silk and wool curtains
• Kouba and Shirvan carpets from the 17th century
• 17th century stumpwork (raised and panelled) embroidered pictures



• English oak furniture from the 16th to 18th century
• 17th century furniture covered in the original needlework
• Georgian furniture including chairs by Sheraton