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“Nothing at Parham is superfluous, nothing unloved. It is a house of magic.”

In the 'Top 20' of Simon Jenkins' ENGLAND'S THOUSAND BEST HOUSES

A Warm Welcome to Parham House & Gardens

Welcome to Parham. It has always been a well-loved family home, and only three families have lived here since its foundation stone was laid in 1577 during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. The Hon. Clive Pearson, my great-grandfather, bought the House and Estate in 1922. He and his wife Alicia found the House and Garden in sad repair, and together they revived and restored both with great sensitivity and care. They opened the House to visitors in 1948. Their work was continued by my great-aunt Veronica Tritton, who inherited Parham, living here until her death in 1993.

Parham’s tranquillity and timeless beauty have changed little over the centuries. Parham House and Gardens are now owned by a Charitable Trust. I have lived here with my family since 1994.


Lady Emma of Parham House and Gardens Sussex

Latest News

Parham featured in The Sunday Telegraph

Read this fantastic interview with Lady Emma in The Sunday Telegraph by Boudicca Fox-Leonard about our 70th Anniversary


Aerial view of Parham House

GARDENER'S CORNER with Tom Brown, Head Gardener


A few seasonal tasks for April:

  • Now is the time to top up your borders with herbaceous plants. The joy of planting now is that you will have a nice pot full of foliage which will then establish very quickly and have a whole spring, summer and autumn to become big and beautiful in your gardens. We are planting our Gold Border in early April, a job we are really looking forward to.
  • Keep pricking out and potting on your seedlings. For your vegetables and bedding plants, you are looking for a healthy clump of foliage with the roots just popping out of the bottom of the pot at the end of May. If the plants become too pot-bound they will flower early, be stunted and not establish well.
  • Keep those weeds down in your vegetable plots and borders; if you lose the battle early, it is very difficult to sway things in your favour as the year goes on.
  • Plant your sweet peas out and give them a handful of fertiliser to help them establish and grow strongly. When they’re in bloom, keep picking for flowers into late summer.
  • It is worth going to gardens which grow a good selection of tulips so that you can see the bulbs “in the flesh”. Make a note of your favourites otherwise you will forget when those bulb catalogues come through the post. We have planted a beautiful collection at Parham this year, come and see if any take your fancy for next year!

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