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Parham House & Gardens celebrates 70 years since opening

15th June 2018

Parham is one of the country’s finest Elizabethan Houses and has been a well-loved family home since its foundation stone was laid in 1577. This year we are excited to celebrate 70 years since Parham House & Gardens first opened to the public on 17th July 1948.

The Hon. Clive and Alicia Pearson bought the House and Estate in 1922. Finding it in sad repair, the family revived and restored it with great sensitivity and care. After the war, a friend suggested to the Pearsons that they should consider opening Parham to visitors.

Their daughter Veronica recalled their amazement in her memoir: ‘“But we couldn’t do that!”, they protested, “this is not a Great House, nor do we have fabulous treasures,” but before we knew what was happening we were preparing feverishly to do just that.’

Visitors have been coming here ever since to marvel at our rare and precious collection of paintings, needlework and antiquities as well as our spectacular Gardens.

Parham has changed little over the centuries, distilling a sense of tranquility and timeless beauty within its walls. To find out more about Parham’s history click here.

As part of our 70th anniversary year, we are hosting a special Needlework on Display, featuring pieces not normally on view, as well as a number of other exciting events throughout the year. Click here to find out more.