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  • Parham House & Gardens will be closed from the 14th October and will re-open on Sunday 12th April 2020

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Amberley Primary School visit Parham’s Pumpkins

1st November 2019

The visit came about after the class had been reading the book ‘Pumpkin Soup’ by Susan Cooper. Their teacher was keen to bring them somewhere to see pumpkins growing and to discover more about them.

Seventeen excited children with their teacher joined Tim and Max from our gardening team for a tour of the pumpkin tunnel. The children learnt how pumpkins are a type of fruit that grow from flowers and got to see many different varieties of pumpkins growing in the gardens. The gardening team then demonstrated how to cut the pumpkins as well as cleaning and de-seeding them.

Before leaving the students were each given a packet of pumpkin seeds, which they will plant in the spring. We look forward to hearing about how they get on.

Please see below an example of some of the pumpkin themed poems written by the children following their visit.


Stripy, white and green pumpkin

Up a brick wall,

Pointy, stalked, orange, huge,

As heavy as a watermelon,

Pumpkin in the pumpkin- patch.


As hard as wood

Pumpkin on the wet soil

Light- green, tiny

Hanging on a leafy tunnel.

Thisbe (aged 6)


Little like a mouse

Bumpy like hail

Orange like an orange

Big like a dinosaur

Light like a feather

Heavy like a sheep.

Freddie (aged 6)


As heavy as a sheep

A spotty pumpkin

Red like lava

Big, orange, smooth pumpkin

Curling up the wall,

Stripy, round pumpkin

Cucumber pumpkin

In the leafy tunnel.

 Paisley (aged 6)


Little like a mouse

Heavy as an apple

Cold as a raindrop

Stripy as a zebra

Muddy as a car

Spotty as a leopard

 Big as a tower

Orange as an orange!

 Maddison (aged 6) 


Big, round, juicy pumpkin,

On the pumpkin patch,

Bumpy as a tree,

Long stalk,

Spotty pumpkin,

Like a leopard,

Pointy as a carrot,

Stripy like a tiger.

Lucas (aged 6)


Smooth as a bouncy ball

Round as a football

Heavy as a bike

Smooth as a mouse

Spotty as a leopard

Stripy as a zebra

Orange as honey

Big as a girl!

Arthur (aged 6)


Smooth, small pumpkin

Climbing up the wall,

Bumpy, blue and round,

Pumpkin growing on the soil,

Yellow, bumpy pumpkin,

Growing up the twisty sticks,

Orange with a little stalk,

Smooth, shiny pumpkin

Climbing up the wall.

by Acorn Class – Yr R