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Parham House & Gardens

Blog & News

Parham in the press : 10th July 2016

The middle-sized garden article

8 inspiring ideas from a stunning English country garden.  The full article can be read here.

Blog : 8th July 2016

Parham Sweet Pea Trial, Summer 2016

Success with sweet peas!

Parham Gardens in May

Parham in the press : 3rd July 2016

Seeking Solace blog

Published by Sophie May Lewis on July 3rd 2016.  Read the full article here.

Blog : 1st July 2016

Head Gardener’s tips for July

Tom Brown offers his expert advice for the month

Parham in the press : 1st July 2016

RHS “Crossing Borders” article

From subtropical to naturalistic, borders come in many forms, the full article can be viewed here.

The Westroom in Parham House Sussex

Parham in the press : 17th June 2016

Period Living Magazine, Guided tour of Parham House

Published on 17th June 2016, you can read the full article here.

Parham in the press : 16th June 2016

The Blackberry Garden blog

A delightful visit to Parham House & Gardens.  The full article can be viewed here.