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Parham House & Gardens

Blog & News

Blog : 2nd August 2019

Caring for our Clock Collection

In our latest “People of Parham” feature we speak to Parham’s wonderful Warden and Keeper of Clocks, Valerie Myers. Valerie has a particularly special relationship with Parham, having been born and raised here on the Estate.

Blog : 2nd August 2019

Parham Orchard Cider

Our Orchard is home to a variety of dessert and culinary apples including many old varieties. Last autumn we had an abundance of apples like never seen before, so we decided it was time to create our first Parham Orchard Cider with the surplus fruits.

Blog : 2nd August 2019

The ticking heart of the House

Parham is home to an outstanding collection of eighteenth and nineteenth century clocks. Each and every clock is exquisite but there is one timepiece in particular that captures the spirit of Parham for Lady Emma; the longcase clock that has stood in the Great Hall for over 250 years.

Blog : 16th July 2019

Parham announce new Head Gardening team

We are delighted to announce the appointment of a new head gardening team here at Parham. Erika Packard will join us as Head Gardener with her husband and horticulturalist Tim Miles as Assistant Head Gardener this September.

Blog : 8th July 2019

On The Menu: Broad Bean and Pea Spelt Risotto

Over the season we will be sharing regular recipes from our in-house chef, Neil Rusbridger. You can find these delicious recipes featured on our seasonal menu in the Big Kitchen. We hope you enjoy making these dishes to enjoy for yourself.

Blog : 3rd July 2019

Cultivating chard and cut flowers in our Glorious Gardens

In the latest instalment of our People behind Parham series, we speak to Parham Gardener, Max Crisfield to find out more about tending to our glorious gardens.

Blog : 3rd July 2019

Wooden Bowls

We are delighted to be working with Colin Seabrook this year. Colin is creating beautiful wooden bowls, carefully crafted using wood from the trees found here in Parham Park.