07 / 2024

Blooming in the Walled Gardens

Since the last update, the garden is looking very different. All the hard work that was done in the winter and spring has exploded into a colourful abundance of flowers, plants, herbs and many floras blooming and currently growing within the four-acre walled garden

In spring we saw the various locations of wisteria in full bloom, it has a long history of cultivation, particularly in historic gardens and around historic houses. The plant’s dramatic flowers and ability to cover large areas make it a popular choice for adding visual interest and character to traditional architectural structures. When in full bloom, wisteria can create a stunning, romantic display.

The flowering perennial Alliums were also out and being used in our flower arrangement displays for the House. One colourful variety is ‘Purple Rain’ which tends to bloom from late spring to early summer and have a beautifully long bloom time. Most varieties last anywhere from two to four weeks and can reach a height of 100cm and the giganteum can reach up to 150cm.

They are a favourite with bumblebees, honeybees and butterflies.

At Parham Gardens, we certainly have our fair share of flowers and pollinators. As you walk around the gardens, you can hear the buzzing of various bee species as they go about their important work.

The Parham gardens are particularly rich in pollinator-friendly plants, especially when the iconic foxgloves were in full bloom. These tall, stately flowers are not only a delight to the eye but also a crucial food source for bees and other pollinators and are especially attractive to long-tongued bees such as the common carder bee.

Four months after the dedicated Garden Team completed the task of digging and preparing the rose garden, we were delighted to witness the vibrant blooms that have emerged, showcasing the fruition of their hard work.

The rose garden has long been an integral part of the estate’s landscape, serving as a central piece that captivates visitors. After months of meticulous planning and physical labour, we are proud to see the garden come alive with the delicate petals and rich hues of these regal flowers.

Sweet Peas had been planted back in March and at the same time a framed tunnel had been built to assist with them growing upright. They are now starting to show a colourful display.

And that’s what is so pleasant and attractive about the walled garden, it is forever changing and with each visit, there is always something new blooming or has had a sudden surge of growth.