03 / 2021

Junior Graphic Designer

We were delighted to see a beautiful photograph of our double Blue Border, taken by John Glover, featured in RHS The Garden magazine last month. This was taken a few years ago, when at the time it was planted with silvery spires of Artemisia ludoviciana ‘Valerie Finnis’, helping to unite and lead the eye along the planting.

Parham House

John Glover is a wonderful photographer who has taken many beautiful photographs of the Garden at Parham over the years. We’re always so grateful to him for capturing its romance and its spirit so perfectly.

As you walk back towards the House from the pleasure grounds, you will see Parham’s maze. Named after Veronica Tritton, eldest daughter of Clive and Alicia Pearson – Lady Emma’s great grandparents – it was built as part of the celebrations for the ‘Year of the Maze’ in 1991.

Made of brick and turf, its design is adapted from the 16th-century embroidery on the Great Bed in the House. To reach the centre, you must go forward at all times. You may fork left or right when faced with a choice, but you may NOT turn left or right at a crossroads, nor turn back!