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Blog & News


Blog : 19th June 2020

A stitch in time

Lady Emma Barnard recounts how Parham’s fine collection of needlework reveals a touching insight into what life was like for young girls during the 17th and 18th centuries and also later during the Great War. 

Blog : 16th June 2020

Roses in June – how to look after your blooms

Parham’s Assistant Head Gardener Tim Miles explains how to care for your roses this month. 


Blog : 16th June 2020

Big Kitchen Recipes – Smoked ricotta, spinach and radish open sandwich

In the third of our monthly series of seasonal recipes, Parham’s chef Neil Rusbridger creates a delightful open sandwich with homemade ricotta and homegrown spinach and radishes.

Blog : 6th May 2020

Big Kitchen Recipes – Asparagus ribbon salad with fresh herbs and roasted avocado dressing

In the second of our monthly series of seasonal recipes, Parham’s chef Neil creates an extremely easy and deliciously light summery salad with raw asparagus.

Bromo loo paper

Blog : 6th May 2020

Memories of wartime in lockdown at Parham

The last time that Parham was in a comparable situation to the current pandemic was during the Second World War. Lady Emma Barnard reveals how she finds echoes of those days everywhere, including some surprising wartime rediscoveries. 

Parham nursery salvia plug

Blog : 30th April 2020

It’s prime time for seed sowing

Parham’s Head Gardener Erika Packard explains why now is prime time for seed sowing and reveals her methods for ensuring successful propagation. 

Blog : 8th April 2020

Parham in times of adversity

Lady Emma Barnard recounts how this Elizabethan family home has survived two world wars and centuries of tumult to become a symbol of hope.

Blog : 8th April 2020

Big Kitchen Recipes – Warm rhubarb and smoked mackerel salad

In the first of our monthly series of seasonal recipes, Parham’s chef Neil has created a zingy salad using rhubarb.

Blog : 5th February 2020

Winter at Parham – news from the Garden

Tim Miles, Parham’s Assistant Head Gardener, has been busy pruning Parham’s stunning climbing roses this week. We caught up with him to find out how it should be done. 

Blog : 1st November 2019

Amberley Primary School visit Parham’s Pumpkins

We were delighted to welcome Amberley Primary School’s Acorn Class here earlier this month to see our latest pumpkin trial and learn more about growing and harvesting this seasonal squash.