11 / 2022

Craig Talman: Capturing Parham through illustration

Earlier in the year we were approached by Craig Talman, a student of illustration from the University of Creative Arts in Farnham. For his final year project, Craig had been asked to create a set of illustrations of architectural features, landscapes, and interiors all sharing a unifying theme. He asked whether we would allow him to sketch at Parham and we said yes…  

Craig spent much of his time at Parham studying the objects and interiors in the House and interesting features from the Walled Garden. These features were first captured in an outline sketch and then turned into more detailed studies using watercolours, coloured pencils, and inks. A selection of the work that Craig created for his project, including a couple of his early indicative sketches, are shown below. Anyone who knows Parham well will appreciate how accurately and sympathetically he has captured the various elements of the House and Gardens.  

Prior to his time at the University for Creative Arts, Craig was tutored for 5 years by Pierre D’ Angelo, who spent his career travelling Europe repairing fresco paintings. This then inspired Craig to study Art and Design at the College of Richard Collyer and, subsequently, led to his degree and a well deserved 1st.  

If you would like to see more of Craig’s Artwork, you can find him on Instagram at @craigtalman.art

08 / 2022

Joanna’s at Parham

Parham House and Gardens are excited announce that a new venture was launched on the 3rd August, in collaboration with...