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Garden Masterclass "Creating and developing a late summer border"

This one day course is in collaboration with Gardens Illustrated & taught by Marina Christopher and Tom Brown.

Upcoming Events:

3rd September 2018

Creating and developing a late summer border with Marina Christopher and Tom Brown

British gardens are renowned for their exuberance in spring and mid-summer but as the climate gradually changes there are several months when the garden could be enhanced with vibrant flowers and foliage. This workshop will focus on late-flowering plants, and give an insight into the collaboration between Marina and Tom on developing this exuberant late summer border here at Parham.

Time will be spent in the gardens  with Head Gardener, Tom Brown who will explain the process of soil preparation, design and plant selection. Followed by experienced nursery owner and plants woman Marina Christopher who will talk about late summer colour and the plant associations in the newly planted Gold Border.

Cost: £130.00

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