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Parham Clocks Tour

Wednesday 5th September 


Enjoy a one hour guided tour with a brief history on the Parham clocks and those who made them.

The clocks were collected by the Bisshopp and Pearson families, and date from the eighteenth to the nineteenth centuries.

Text written and researched by Elspeth Clarkson. Presented by Steven Howarth (Parham Guide) and Valerie Myers (Parham Warden and Keeper of the Clocks).

Limited availability only. Open to individuals and groups.

Cost: £10.00 per person

The Big Kitchen is open at 12.00 for refreshments following the tour.

There is a £2.00 upgrade if you would like to go back into the House.

To book your place please call 01903 742 021 or email enquiries@parhaminsussex.co.uk.