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Head Gardener's tips for August

1st August 2018

  • August is a good time for re-establishing definition and form in your garden by pruning topiary and trained fruit trees. Trained apples, pears, plums and gages can be pruned back to a framework to expose their ripening fruit and maintain their structure. Pruning fruit in the summer gives a much more gentle response from the tree compared to winter pruning. Remember not to remove more than 20% of a fruit tree in one year to avoid a mass of water shoots.
  • Remove the lower leaves from your tomatoes and cucumbers to avoid mildew and to help the ripening process. Keep the potash based liquid feed going to get the best results from your plants.
  • Feed your roses with granular rose food to encourage a second flush.
  • Plan your garden for next year. August is a great time to review your borders, take pictures and make notes because you will forget by the Autumn or next Spring when you come to make those changes.
  • Summer is a good time to prune birches and magnolias; their sap levels are low so it will cause minimal stress to the trees. Prune minimally for health and shape – be careful not to go too mad with those secateurs!