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Head Gardener's tips for January

1st January 2018


  • After the Christmas hangover, one thing that gets me out of bed in the New Year is the prospect of ordering seeds. Most seed catalogues would have arrived through the post by now and most are available online, which is how I tend to buy mine. Get your orders in and start to create a timetable of when you want to sow that cornucopia of garden gems.
  • We have a mixed blessing of free draining and hungry, sandy soil at Parham. A benefit of light soil is that you can dig over the ground almost 12 months of the year if not frozen. January is a great time to dig your vegetable beds and work off those extra mince pies.
  • Strong, healthy rhubarb clumps can be forced at this time of year. Try to avoid weak plants as the forcing process can put fragile plants under unnecessary pressure which can result in the plant dying. Feed with Growmore once you’ve removed the forcers.
  • Prune climbing and rambling roses by pruning the side shoots down to two buds and removing a proportion of the very old wood to encourage new growth.
  • Seed potatoes should start to appear in Garden Centres once they’ve cleared their Christmas decorations away. You can store your potatoes much more lovingly than the Garden Centres can so buy them early for the best choice and store them in a cool, bright position until they’re ready to go in the ground.