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Head Gardener's tips for February

31st January 2018

  • With there being very little chance of the ground being dry, now is a good time to mulch your borders to feed them and retain some of that moisture during active growth of your garden plants. April and May can be a busy time in the garden, and if you mulch now you suppress that first irritating flush of annual weeds.
  • Keep an eye out for greenhouse pests. Catch them early to avoid an outbreak later on in the year which will be much harder to control.
  • Start sowing your seeds. Keep them well ventilated and prick them out early to avoid damping off.
  • As perennials begin their active growth, it is a great time to divide the clumps. By dividing in the spring the plants remain active and will recover from the division very quickly.
  • Chit your seed potatoes in a cool, well-lit place. By giving them lots of light and cooler temperatures you avoid the drawn, alien-like growth when it comes to planting time.