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Head Gardener's tips for July

1st July 2016

  • Now is the time to enjoy your hard work in the garden!  Pick courgettes, sweet peas and dahlias regularly to have a constant supply through the summer.
  • Keep containers well fed and watered during the summer months. A regular feeding regime can make the difference between a good display and a great one!
  • Deadhead your roses and annuals to keep them blooming.  Don’t let them think that their work is done and allow seeds to form.
  • Cut your lawns slightly higher to avoid that straw-like scorched look in your garden. A higher cut means less stress on the grass.
  • Avoid watering tomatoes after 3pm. Wet cold foliage in the evening is a recipe for blight. Water routinely in the mornings with similar amounts of water to avoid blossom end rot too.