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Head Gardener's tips for May

1st May 2017

  • Keep pricking out and potting on all those vegetable and bedding plants – you will get there in the end!  In most cases you are looking for a plant that has just begun to show white roots at the base of the pot and is a lovely clump of fresh green leaves by the end of May. You will find that these plants establish really well and flower at the right height. If you sow your seeds too early, you can end up with a large plant that has flower buds and never establishes as well.
  • Continue to dead head your daffodils and, if you are unhappy with their performance, give them a potash feed to help them flower next year. If that fails, then you may have to lift and divide the clumps when they become dormant at the end of the following spring.
  • Monitor your greenhouse for pests. Catch them early to avoid an infestation which can be very hard to get rid of.
  • Gradually harden off your annuals by putting them outside during the day; have the last week in May in mind for planting out (subject to frosts).
  • Feed asparagus beds with sulphate of ammonia, a very rich nitrogen feed which will boost the plants into providing you with lots of delicious spears. Feed again once you have finished harvesting at the end of May or into June.