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Head Gardener's tips for November

1st November 2017

  • Bring in tender plants when the night time temperatures drop, as you want the plants to start shutting down and go into a type of dormancy.  They need to be exposed to cooler temperatures but do bring them under cover before the weather gets too severe.
  • Lift or winter-protect your Dahlias after they have been blackened by the first frost. In heavy soils, lift the tubers and pot into a large container of dry, multipurpose compost and leave it cool and frost free until you see signs of growth. In lighter soils like ours, we cut the plants down to 10cm, cover them with a bin bag and then cover with a wheel barrow full of compost to insulate the tubers. Lift the plastic in early May and you have a ready-made source of mulch which you used as the insulation!
  • Keep leaves cleared from formal lawns and pathways.  If you can, shred the leaves before you compost them to accelerate the breakdown of the material.
  • Clean your greenhouse with soapy water or a pressure washer to remove pests and disease and maximise the amount of light to your plants. If pest levels build up they can be very tricky to bring back under control.
  • November is the best time to plant your tulips.  You can pick up lots of bargains in the garden centres too!