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Head Gardener's tips for October

30th September 2018

  • Reduce the amount of food and water to your  houseplants, as over-watering is one of the biggest killers of indoor plants during the winter months. Plants can easily recover if they are too dry or do not have enough water but very rarely revive once over-watered.
  • Plant daffodil bulbs as soon as possible to get the best results. Tulips can wait until November or December to reduce the risk of tulip fire. Planting bulbs 3-4 times their depth will give a better performance and will make the bulbs more perennial than those planted too shallow
  • Clear your tomatoes and other tender vegetables from your greenhouses to allow space for overwintering tender plants and rooted cuttings. Green tomato chutney is a great way to use up those stubborn fruits that will not ripen.Compost annuals and clear summer displays as they begin to tire or are caught by the first frosts.  Take the opportunity to add compost to your soil and dig the areas to allow the birds to help clear up any pests and allow the rain to penetrate deeply into your soil.
  • Pick the remaining apples and store in a cool, dark place, checking weekly as to whether any have rotted.  Remove decayed fruit to stop them spoiling their neighbours. Other produce such as pumpkins and squash should be stored in a cool and bright position to allow the skins to harden and cure.  Doing this will make them last into the winter for those warming soups and risottos.


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