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Head Gardener's tips for September

1st September 2018

  • We have been busy pruning our trained fruit trees; espalier apples and pears as well as our fan-trained plums, gages and apricots. Now that the annual growth is subsiding, prune back to three buds of this year’s growth to maintain the shape of the tree. Major structural pruning should be carried out in the winter for the pears and apples.
  • Ease off with your feeding; as the temperatures fluctuate, growth slows down in your baskets and containers. Too much soft growth can lead to a build-up of mould and botrytis.
  • Go shopping – enjoy the fading evening warmth with a gin and tonic and peruse the bulb catalogues to plan your spring displays.
  • As pumpkins and squashes develop, clear the leaves from the fruits to allow the sun to ripen and cure their skins.
  • Look out for setting seed. As we venture into the Autumn, seeds will develop on the plant. Make sure the seeds are ripe, you will find that the plant surrenders its seeds when they are ready.  If the seeds are green and you have to battle to remove them from the plant, they are often not ready. Dry the seed and store in labelled envelopes; research to see when each seed needs sowing.