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  • Parham is closed at Easter. The Gardens will open to visitors on 25 April 2021. The House remains closed for now. Please click here for the latest information.

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Veronica's Maze in the snow

We love this picture of Veronica’s Maze in the snow, taken a few years ago by photographer John Glover. Discover why it was created and how to reach its centre… 

6th January 2021

As you walk back towards the House from the pleasure grounds, you will see Parham’s maze. Named after Veronica Tritton, eldest daughter of Clive and Alicia Pearson – Lady Emma’s great grandparents – it was built as part of the celebrations for the ‘Year of the Maze’ in 1991.

Made of brick and turf, its design is adapted from the 16th-century embroidery on the Great Bed in the House. To reach the centre, you must go forward at all times. You may fork left or right when faced with a choice, but you may NOT turn left or right at a crossroads, nor turn back!