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Brand new TV series filmed at Parham House & Gardens

15th February 2016

Daytime TV favourite and master gardener Alan Titchmarsh is to star in a new television game show featuring Parham House and Gardens.

The ITV series – called Masterpiece – is the brainchild of Alan himself.  Parham will be featured in six episodes of the series which sees antiques and history fans face a series of challenges.

In the new television game show series Parham is one of a number of stately homes across Britain which are featured.  Show contestants have to use their amateur antique skills to determine whether objects at the stately homes are true ‘masterpieces’ worth more than £10,000.

Host Alan, a former presenter of Gardener’s World as well as a renowned chat show host, said: “This is the first time I have come up with an idea for a game show so I’m really chuffed and excited.

“It plays to everyone’s curiosity as to the value of all kinds of collectibles and beautiful things, from classic cars to film memorabilia, posters and toys to works of art and antiques.

“And the series is filmed in some of our finest stately homes, so the scenery is pretty handsome, too.

“It’s been great fun to make and I think it’s fun to watch as well, with the viewers playing along to see if they can spot the masterpieces, which are not always as obvious as they might seem.”

Masterpiece With Alan Titchmarsh will air weekdays at 3pm on ITV from Monday (February 15).  Parham will feature on the episodes on February on 17th, 19th, 25th, 29th and March 4th, 10th.