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Parham House & Gardens

Walking & Riding Access Advice

Parham has always been a well-loved home and only three families have lived here since its foundation stone was laid in 1577. Parham’s beauty and peace have changed little over the centuries, and it is still a very special place.  The Parham Estate comprises a total of 354 hectares (875 acres) of working agricultural and forestry land, including an area of parkland designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest. The SSSI is about 137 hectares (338 acres) and includes the deer park.  The rich variety of habitat at Parham provides a home to many interesting species of birds, animals and insects.

The endangered Field Cricket was introduced under Natural England’s Recovery Programme, and now the male cricket can be heard during May and June. The first records of the fallow deer date back to 1628. The herd today numbers around 350 animals and is managed to maintain its distinctive dark brown coat. This access advice has been developed to protect this extraordinary habitat and to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all our visitors.  Mutual respect and courtesy are essential to enable those with different interests to enjoy Parham Park together.

Parham Park is a working estate, with forestry, farming and, on open days only, House & Garden visitor vehicular access to the visitor car park on its narrow private roads.  Deer and occasionally other livestock are free to roam the park and most of its roads and paths.  Be aware that animals are easily startled and may suddenly move into your path.

There is a well signed Public Footpath that leads walkers through the park. This runs from the Main Lodge Gate, approaching from Storrington, to the West Lodge Gate, exiting onto Rackham Street. To protect ground-nesting birds and livestock, dogs must be kept on leads at all times.

Cycling is not permitted anywhere within Parham Park, in order to protect Parham’s free roaming deer herd and the surrounding park, and for the safety of our visitors.

There are no designated bridleways through the park, however, horseriding on permissive rides may be granted by annual permit.  Please email enquiries@parhaminsussex.co.uk for details.

Be considerate & safe

Be aware of uneven surfaces and cattle grids.

Allow vehicles to overtake safely by moving into single file when necessary.

Be polite to other walkers, motorists, pedestrians and residents.

When passing people and animals, call out a warning or use your bell and allow them plenty of room. Be prepared to stop if necessary. Pass slowly.

Do not drop litter or feed the animals; human food and litter are a danger to them.

Close gates behind you so the animals don’t stray.

Respect the quiet of the park.

Keep to a safe speed always mindful of walkers and animals.

Ensure you are visible by wearing bright or reflective clothing.

Keep dogs on leads and clear up after your dog.


Thank you for helping us conserve this beautiful park for the enjoyment of visitors today and for future generations.  

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Parham House & Gardens

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Walking the gardens at Parham House