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Parham Orchard Cider

2nd August 2019

Our Orchard is home to a variety of dessert and culinary apples including many old varieties. The apples from our Garden are used to create a variety of chutneys for our Nursery and Big Kitchen amongst other things, but last autumn we had an abundance of apples like never seen before, so we decided it was time to create our first Parham Orchard Cider with the surplus fruits.

With a shared love of ecology and passion for natural produce, Dreymans Cider was the perfect partner for our project. Based in Nutbourne, West Sussex, the family-run cider and meadery also attended their first trade show at Parham’s Harvest Fair nearly five years ago.

Deborah Booth from Dreymans explains how the cider was created, from branch to bottle: “Each apple from Parham’s orchard was carefully washed and quality checked to ensure that only the finest quality were included. The apples are then pressed, otherwise known as pomace, to squeeze and extract their juices.

We extracted 400L of fresh juice from Parham’s apples, which was then transferred to storage. We then add yeast and nutrients to aid the natural fermentation process. The juice is left for approximately a year to ferment and mature until it is ready for drinking.”

Each bottle of cider is handcrafted, using a blend of apple varieties from Parham’s own orchard including Newton Wonder, Egremont Russet, Crawley Beauty, Bramley Seedling, Ashmeads Kernel, Belle de Louvain and Mitsu Crispin amongst others. This beautiful blend produces a delicious fruity-medium flavoured cider with a full-bodied character.

Parham Orchard Cider is now available in The Big Kitchen, here at Parham.