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Wooden Bowls at Parham

3rd July 2019

We are delighted to be working with Colin Seabrook this year. Colin is creating beautiful wooden bowls, carefully crafted using wood from the trees found here in Parham Park.

Colin is a local wood bowl maker working with species including oak, apple, walnut, ash, cherry, yew, holly and hornbeam to make beautiful and unique pieces by hand. His interest in trees began during his Pharmacy and Botanical studies at university, and he is now a Registered Professional Turner.

Inspired by the beauty and grandeur of English woodland, Colin explains: “Each bowl is hand turned to reveal the remarkable features of each species. It is not only the colours and patterns of nature’s structure, but also the texture, weight, warmth and perhaps spirit of the wood that can be seen in one piece of work.”

Colin’s work with Parham began last Autumn when he collected fresh logs from the Park with our Forester, Jim Mitchell. Colin selected oak from a tree blown over by the wind, as well as some ash and the trimmings from a Red Oak, a species native to the north east coast of America which became a popular tree in country estates, parks and gardens when introduced to this country many years ago. Colin took the logs back to his workshop to transform them into beautiful bowls, a process which can take from four months to four years to complete. Colin takes great care to understand the particular wood he is working with, stabilising it and creating a shape that showcases its features.

Colin comments “I always like to know the provenance of the wood and feel that the environment of its origins adds an extra component to my completed pieces. A wood bowl is a lasting memory of a tree and in this case its place in the history of Parham’s landscape.”

All the unused wood and waste that is leftover after the process is recycled.

Colin’s wooden bowls are now available to purchase in Parham’s gift shop.

Visit www.woodlandbowls.co.uk for more information about Colin and his work.