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Parham House & Gardens

Important announcement

Parham House & Gardens is currently closed until Easter 2021


Message from Lady Emma Barnard DL, Chairman of Parham Park Limited 


Owing to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, very sadly it will not be possible to open Parham House & Gardens to visitors at any time during the 2020 season. This decision has been reached after very careful analysis of all the facts, advice and guidelines currently available.

We are very sorry to have had to take the decision to remain closed, because we know it will disappoint many people. However, the safety and security of the families who live at Parham, the staff, our visitors and the local community must take priority over all other considerations. We feel very strongly that we must make every effort to try to keep everyone safe; we deem it totally unacceptable to take any risks which might endanger the health of even one person.

Detailed risk assessments have been conducted for both the House and Gardens. Parham is an historic building and cannot be altered to accommodate the new guidelines for social distancing. The dimensions of Parham’s gateways, doorways, corridors and paths provide too many “pinch points”, and it would not be possible to operate adequate one-way systems, either in the House or in the Gardens.

Even if the Government were to permit the re-opening of ticketed venues in future months, it is already apparent that we would be unable to comply in every way with all Government guidelines on the management of health and safety and social distancing during this pandemic.

There is, perhaps, a silver lining to every cloud.  Parham has been open to the public for 72 years, almost without interruption. This will be a year of rest for it, and will give those of us charged with its care a chance to give it uninterrupted and dedicated attention.

We hope very much to open the doors again on Easter Sunday 2021, and in the meantime send our warmest wishes to all our supporters, visitors and everyone who loves Parham, for whom we are always so grateful.

With very best wishes,

Emma Barnard

Opening Times & Prices

Walking the gardens at Parham House

The House

The Longroom in Parham House Sussex

The Gardens

The beautiful gardens at Parham House in Sussex UK