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Single Use Plastics and Packaging Mission Statement

9th May 2018

Here at Parham we support the Government’s intentions to decrease plastic waste. We are committed to being a single-use plastic-free Estate by our 2019 Season and to reducing all other single-use products to an absolute minimum.

2018 is therefore a year of transition, so we are using up our old stock whilst reducing the use of single-use plastic and paper in the following ways:

– Parham is encouraging re-use of plant pots and trays (originating from or bought at Parham only):

Rather than buying new plastic plant pots from us – or throwing them away – please donate Parham’s pots back to us so that they can be re-used or recycled.

– Parham is reducing the plastic packaging it uses.

We are moving towards sourcing products that are wrapped in recyclable and biodegradable materials.

– Parham will not be selling single use plastic water bottles.
– Parham is installing taps so that drinking water is freely available:

We have installed taps around the grounds, so that staff and all visitors to Parham can access free drinking water and fill their own water bottles. We are exploring purchasing water bottles that have long life cycles for this purpose.

– Parham provides recyclable paper or jute bags at our Garden and Gift shops
– All meals in the Big Kitchen at Parham are served on china.  Fully recyclable products will be used in our catering marquees at our two annual events, the Garden Weekend and Autumn Fair.
– We will not be using or providing plastic straws, and are endeavouring to eliminate the sale of all ice-creams in plastic wrappers.
– Parham waste and rubbish is separated and recycled where possible throughout the Estate

We are striving to make a real difference to our environment, but we need you and all our visitors to help make it a real success. Together we can make this difference.