04 / 2023

Supporting Local Suppliers

At Parham, we are proud to work with talented local suppliers. This season we have expanded the range of items available in our Gift and Garden shops.

Sussex Jams and Chutneys

Our regular visitors will know that we have worked with Christine Hart of Sussex Jams and Chutneys in Arundel for many years to supply homemade pickles and preserves made from produce grown in our Walled Garden. Not only is this an excellent way to ensure nothing goes to waste, it makes for a delicious range of preserves that are unique to Parham. If you like the sound of quince chutneys, plum, redcurrant and raspberry preserves, or crab apple jellies, you’ll find a good supply in our Gift Shop and Garden Shop.

Woodland Bowls

In the last few years, we started working with Colin Seabrook of Woodland Bowls. Colin’s guiding principles are sustainability and a deeply ingrained respect for his material. Each of his beautiful hand-turned bowls work with the natural grain and imperfections of the wood and are created using limbs that have fallen naturally or which would otherwise be discarded following forestry work. Every piece is a unique product of the tree and environment that it comes from. With only a few exceptions, the wood in Parham Bowls comes from Parham. Colin is proud to say no tree is harmed for the sake of his work. His bowls are available from the Gift Shop.

Linen Hut

We are pleased to offer a selection of handmade linen bags from Claire Cartwright of Linen Hut this season. Claire is based in Billingshurst and makes beautiful handmade linen and cotton bags, cushions and lampshades in cream and pastel colours, as well as various items for children. Visitors will find a small selection of her bags in the Gift Shop.

Paisley & Co.

Also new to the Gift Shop this year is a range of hand decorated china by Sarah McKenzie, which would make a gorgeous addition to any home. Sarah is a ceramicist, illustrator, and sign-writer based in Stopham. The range in the Parham Gift Shop is decorated with her “mullberry” design – her most popular.

Horsham School of Botanical Artists

This local collective of artists specialise in fine botanical drawings, paintings, and photography. We are pleased to offer a selection of cards from six of the artists (Leigh Ann Gale, Deborah Crago, Linda Lasham, Helen Andre, Hazel Barnard and Eleanor Coate) in our Gift Shop. The artists will be staging a two week exhibition of their work in the Seed Room in the first half of May and a botanical art drawing workshop for a limited number of students will follow shortly afterwards. If you enjoy the exhibition, these cards will make the perfect souvenier.

Horsham Gingerbread Bakehouse

Producers of gingerbread and gluten free biscuits, the business draws on Horsham’s long tradition of gingerbread production. Based near Chichester, products are baked in small batches using natural and locally sourced ingredients. All their products, except their Original Recipe Gingerbread, are gluten free and baked using linseed meal grown and processed locally in Barns Green.

Sussex Bee Farm

Sussex Bee Farm are based just 3 miles from Parham and tend hives all across the county. The honey on sale at Parham is derived from hives in Storrington and Pulborough. A jar of local honey makes for an excellent hay-fever remedy, if you suffer in the summertime! www.sussexbeefarm.com

Lily’s Cottage

The brainchild of a husband and wife team from Storrington, Lily’s Cottage is all about helping nature by recycling waste. Their range of bug and bee houses and bird feeders are all made from recycled pallets and carefully designed to comply with the specifications of the applicable wildlife charities. With their bright colours and careful designs, these make a pleasing and environmentally friendly addition to any Garden.


Fliss Lewis decided to start her business in 2019, using the wool from her small flock of Southdowns sheep as an environmentally friendly planting material and alternative to commercially available chemical products. WOOL ShrED bags can be used as a biodegradable deterring slug and snail deterrent, an aid for water retention, a hanging basket liner, mulch, capillary liner, and weed repellant. Fliss’ products can be found in our Garden Shop.

Parham Garden Nursery and Shop

The Garden Shop at Parham has a wide range of herbaceous perennials, including flag iris, Solomon seal, Heleniums, Digitalis, and a range of Salvias. To start the season, the shop will have a selection of spring flowering Narcissus and Camassia as well as a few choice shrubs.

And much more…

Including, 3D wooden puzzles for adults and children alike; a range of candles from Marmalade of London; high quality natural teas from Hertfordshire-based Ace Teas London; and an assortment of confectionary from Farrah’s of Harrogate.