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The Association of Sussex Artists Exhibition | May 2024

The upcoming art exhibition at Parham promises to be a vibrant showcase of creativity, featuring the works of both professional and amateur painters, sculptors, and potters from West and East Sussex. Members of The Association of Sussex Artists will gather on Wednesday 1st May 2024 for 12 days  to exhibit their creations and offer insights into their creative processes.

This event provides a unique opportunity for art enthusiasts to witness first-hand the diverse talents within the local artistic community. From intricate brushstrokes to captivating sculptures, visitors can immerse themselves in a world of artistic expression at Parham. Mark your calendars for this exciting exhibition that celebrates the rich cultural heritage of Sussex.

Here, we introduce a selection of the artists who will be joining us and explore their different artistic styles.

Alison Ingram

Alison has been developing her distinctive style for over 20 years. She is well known for her unique interpretation of wildlife, using colour, light and design to create lively contemporary paintings.

Alison’s passion for wildlife is reflected in her work and shows her understanding of animal and bird behaviour, and their interaction with the environment.

Micheal Oakey

When two disparate threads of your life come together and entwine, the outcomes can be very exciting.
In my case, a lifelong passion for Ancient Egyptian art converged with a technological curiosity about how things are made. The initial upshot was a desire to replicate — if I could — some of the stunning reliefs carved in stone or hard plaster on the walls of Egypt’s tombs and temples, or preserved in museums around the world.

Carol Wagstaff

Sussex-based visual artist Carol Wagstaff is an international award-winning multi-media artist, whose work over the past two decades has centred on humanitarian and environmental issues.

She’s been featured in several international juried exhibitions in the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Europe and Japan.
Her work can be found in private and corporate collections globally.

Colleen Conti

Colleen is a Sussex landscape artist living and working in Horsham. The Head of Art at a Secondary School for 24 years until retiring in 2020 to focus entirely on her own work. Her work originates with landscape, which she is approaching increasingly expressively, as this allows her the freedom to focus on the essence of a particular place, and her own experience of being in it.

Fiona Hooper

Fiona’s passion lies in painting landscapes in a distinct and contemporary style. I work predominantly in oils using a painting knife, to capture the peace and tranquility of the wild, natural places that she loves to discover. Exploring and vising these places is an excellent way of recharging her mental ‘batteries’. Directly connected to these visits, Fiona creates paintings that transport people to a place of calm helping them to relax, unwind and find inner peace. Recently having also been incorporating gold and silver leaf in her paintings.

Ian Payne

Through the early 2000’s Ian started a series of regular Silversmithing classes with Anton Pruden and Rebecca Smith at their gallery and workshop in Ditchling, East Sussex with a view to progressing into some kind of silver work on his retirement. The classes were my first real introduction to ‘3D’ work, design and qualities that should be reflected in every piece.

While attending the classes he learnt many techniques which, 20 years on, have given him a good general understanding for when he turned to woodturning.

Jennifer White

I am mainly a self-taught artist and have worked in a variety of media, including acrylics, pastels, watercolours and have recently started exploring oils, but my preferred media is graphite pencils.

Currently, a lot of my work is based on a keen interest in wildlife and nature, and most recently, a series of drawings of British wildlife.

Robert Eifion Wynne

Robert has always drawn and painted in his spare time, attending many weekend courses at Worthing, West Dean and the Royal Academy.

Twenty years ago he started sculpting with Marji Talbot and Andrew Brown at Sussex Sculpture/Art Junction.

Robert retired ten years ago and is now able to concentrate on sculpture and art.

Tim Wheeler

Tim Wheeler is a largely self-taught artist working in a variety of media. His work ranges from graphite and watercolour pictures through to sculpture. His main medium currently is stone which he works into pieces ranging from fully abstract through stylized animal forms to fully figurative.

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