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  • Parham is closed at Easter. The Gardens will open to visitors on 25 April 2021. The House remains closed for now. Please click here for the latest information.

The House

The Collection

The many rare and precious collections of paintings, furniture, needlework and antiquities were collected over a period of 60 years by Mr and Mrs Pearson, and subsequently their daughter, Veronica Tritton. Their guiding principle, aside from acquiring some of the original furniture and effects, was to add to the house in a sympathetic, sensitive and inspiring manner.

Parham has perhaps the finest and most important collection of seventeenth century embroidery in the country.

The range of objects embraces an unparalleled group of Stuart embroidered pictures and panels together with covers for furniture, room hangings, bed hangings of the most remarkable quality, a royal saddle, samplers and many other items executed by both amateur and professional embroiderers.

In addition to the seventeenth century collection, representative examples of work for the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries are also to be found throughout the House and the entire collection is complemented by the many portraits containing a wealth of needlework detail.


The Westroom in Parham House Sussex
Longroom in Parham House Sussex

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Walking the gardens at Parham House

The Gardens

The beautiful gardens at Parham House in Sussex UK

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